Geothermal in Kenya

Mount Longonot
Kenya leads Africa in the generation of geothermal power and development of geothermal power production.

Kenya's energy strategy and the 2030 Vision recognise the need to replace expensive imported fossil fuels with sources of sustainable, non-polluting energy.

Energy supply is a challenge to future economic development.  Currently electricity is available to less than 15% of Kenya's population. The country’s domestic and industrial demand has relied heavily on hydroelectric power resources, but the reliability of this supply is heavily affected by annual rainfall. Geothermal energy can provide cheaper and more reliable power to meet Kenya’s future energy needs.

Kenya is one of the largest producers of geothermal energy in terms of percentage of total power production.  Currently geothermal power generation occurs at Olkaria, 15 kilometres west of Mount Longonot. Current levels represent a fraction of potential geothermal energy production in Kenya and the government is supporting fast-track projects across the country.

Studies have identified 14 different sites across the Great Rift Valley, including Longonot, with potential to significantly raise Kenya’s geothermal power output.  The Longonot Geothermal Project will contribute to this increased output, in a renewable and sustainable way.

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