Geothermal power generation

Close up view of geothermal power plant equipment
There are a number of different commercial technologies to convert geothermal energy into electricity.

There are different technologies for capturing geothermal energy. Some initial ground investigations will need to take place before the best solution is identified.  Currently the Agil team expects to use the same technologies used successfully at the Olkaria I and II geothermal power plants. This is known as flash-steam technology.

The flash-steam process will involve taking the geothermal fluid held deep within the ground and converting this to steam.  The steam is passed through a steam turbine, which powers a generator to produce electricity. After it passes through the turbine the steam is condensed, turning to water.  This water is then pumped back into the ground in a responsible way to protect the environment and help replenish the geothermal resource.

The development at Longonot will use two separate power plant units, with the option to add additional units in the future if additional geothermal power production capacity is available.

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