Clean Development Mechanism

Clean Development Mechanism banner for stakeholder consultation workshop
The Clean Development Mechanism was developed by the Kyoto Protocol for the issue of greenhouse gas reduction credits.

A project can earn carbon credits if it demonstrates it will reduce man made greenhouse gas emissions in normal operation. The credits can be traded between companies and countries to help them meet their emission reductions obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.

The Longonot Geothermal Project's use of the Clean Development Mechanism is very important for the project's funding. It means the project is certified as meeting strict criteria to ensure it is environmentally and socially responsible.

Under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, a Clean Development Mechanism project must follow a strict set of rules set out by the Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism, and follow the principles of the Kyoto Protocol. 

A successful project, once operational, is entitled to generate Certified Emission Reduction certificates, often called carbon credits.  Each credit is equivalent to the reduction of one metric tonne of carbon dioxide of greenhouse gas and permits the owner to emit that amount.

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