Zebra in Mount Longonot National Park
Agil takes very seriously its duty to develop the Longonot Geothermal Project in a manner that is environmentally responsible.
  • The Longonot scheme is located in a very significant conservation area. The area is important for farming and tourism, both of which are important for Kenya’s economy. Protection of these activities is key to the sustainable and successful development of this project.
  • The scheme has carefully selected a suitable location for the power plant.  The site currently chosen was determined by a strict set of economic, environmental, social and technical considerations.
  • The project fits with the 2030 Vision and Kenya’s strategy for clean and sustainable energy.  Geothermal power production is clean, reliable and sustainable, and does not require import of expensive fossil fuels.
  • Agil works closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service and together they have developed detailed plans to counter any potential environmental impacts of the scheme.
  • Agil has consulted the National Museums of Kenya to develop detailed plans for the protection of any undiscovered cultural or archaeological resources identified during the development of the scheme.

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