Social and economic

Community engagement
Agil will avoid placing the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage. Central to this is the consultation and engagement process.

Agil commits to support the local community. Agil has held and continues to engage in a programme of detailed stakeholder meetings to:

  • inform key stakeholders, communities, businesses and the public about the proposed project;
  • understand their concerns, ideas and expectations for the project;
  • work with these groups to identify mitigation measures; and
  • build consensus and acceptance with stakeholders and the local community.

It is fundamental to the project’s success that the community and stakeholders all get the opportunity to have their voices heard.  Listening to what the community wants is very important, and Agil has agreed to a range of benefits in addition to the wider benefits that will be brought by the power plant itself and electricity produced.

Agil has made sure affected parties and organisations have been involved in the planning and development of the project.

To date, Agil has:

  • formed a partnership with local municipal government representatives;
  • carried out regular stakeholder meetings with local community groups and their representatives;
  • conducted a two day consultation event, widely advertised through local newspapers, radio and posters; and
  • prepared a preliminary resettlement action plan.

Agil has identified the following positive benefits from the scheme:

  • the employment of local construction labour and operational staff, peaking at 500 employees during construction;
  • employment opportunities for professional staff, including geologists, engineers and management staff from within Kenya;
  • general labour opportunities to be fulfilled, as much as possible, from the local community;
  • increased economic development in this part of Kenya, resulting from the improved energy supply;
  • a range of long-term health and education programmes; and
  • a close working relationship with the Kenya Wildlife Service to enhance tourist activities within the Longonot National Park.

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