Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park
The current proposed layout of the Longonot Geothermal Project infrastructure is within Mount Longonot National Park, which is administered by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Mount Longonot National Park covers 52 square kilometres of savannah grassland. The park features the dramatic scenery of the extinct Mount Longonot volcano and protected crater forest. The park is home to wildlife, including large game and birds of prey. The park is a major tourist attraction, used primarily for hiking and rock climbing, and to a lesser extent wildlife watching.

The Mount Longonot National Park and nearby Hell's Gate National Park are both run by the Kenya Wildlife Service.  The service is a government body that conserves and manages Kenya's wildlife.  It is responsible for:

  • the stewardship of national parks and reserves;
  • the conservation and management of wildlife; and
  • the enforcement of related laws and regulations.

It also has responsibilities for scientific research, tourism, education and policy issues.

A five kilometre section of access road will fall outside the boundary of Mount Longonot National Park, with the remainder of the currently proposed layout of the scheme located within the park.

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